Gulab Jamuns. Who doesn’t love them?

Gulab Jamun is amongst one of the most famous Indian dessert around the globe followed by Rasgulla, Gajar ka Halwa, Ras Malai, Sooji ka Halwa Jalebi etc. Gulab Jamun the rich and very popular Indian dessert, made especially during Diwali or any other special occasion at home. Dumplings like round balls are prepared using Khoya or Indian cottage cheese (paneer) or you can make them using milk powder and flour. Deep fried golden brown balls are then dunked into cardamom-saffron flavored sugar syrup.

The balls get soaked in the sugar syrup so that it becomes soft and juicy and when you’ll eat them, they will melt into your mouth; absolutely divine and heavenly.

Suruchi Gulab Jamun with extra milk content can be preserved for good long time (2 weeks) in an air tight container under refrigeration. You just have to make sure the container is clean and sealed well while refrigeration. Furthermore, when you want to enjoy, all you need is to heat it for good 30-45 seconds in a microwave and treat yourself or your family. In fact, we can easily freeze the Milk Powder Gulab Jamun in a clean airtight container for good 4-5 months in portions. All we would need to do is, thaw it at room temperature and reheat it in microwave to enjoy.

The best part about Suruchi Gulab Jamun is that they have a shelf life for 8 months that makes it hot selling product among the customers. Find out here are some of the verified reviews by the end customers.